Build A Home Emergency Kit And Protect Your Family

By Martina Levinston
You and your family will have a much greater chance of surviving a major catastrophe if there is a home emergency kit prepared beforehand. Think back on the millions of people along the East Coast who lost power for days because of Sandy. Could you survive such a situation?

With any luck, you won’t have to. But it makes sense to put together an emergency kit just in case a similar situation strikes you and family. If there is some sort of disaster, these are some of the items that should be prepared:

A flashlight. Don’t skimp on the flashlight, get a high quality one that is not rechargeable. Don’t forget that days could go by with no power at all to your home. Have plenty of spare batteries in the kit, and replace them periodically if they are close to their expiration dates. For people who know how to properly store and use kerosene lamps, this is another decent thing for your kit. It’s also wise to have plenty of candles, and of course, matches.

Hand sanitizer is another important item. Water can become contaminated, so it may be a while before you will be able to wash your hands normally. Hand sanitizer and paper towels should be part of your kit in order for you to avoid germs and to be more comfortable.

It’s crucial to have a car adapter. You can use this to recharge your electronics, including your smartphone, so that you can have communication that you will definitely need.

It’s crucial to have bottled water. Contaminated water is not fit for drinking or washing, so make sure there is enough. Keep at least one case of water on hand at all times so you can stay hydrated. You should probably supplement that case when a hurricane or other natural disaster is approaching.

The generally accepted recommendation is that you should have a food supply in your kit that will last at least 2 weeks. Your kit should have non-perishable food items, things like peanut butter, and canned goods. It will help if you have a way to cook as well – a gas grill will do just fine. You should have some gasoline stored somewhere safe. If you forget a can opener you will have some trouble, so store one in your kit as well. Some plastic utensils, bowls, and cups should be in the kit, as well as some paper plates.

And get a proper first aid kit. Keep bandages, antibiotic ointments and other supplies, in addition to pain relievers and gastrointestinal medicines and any allergy pills you regularly take. If there are prescriptions that are taken by family members, be sure that those are easy to quickly gather.

Sleeping bags are convenient and most of us have them already. Remember, you could be without a bed for some time. Sleeping bags can add some comfort – and warmth – if you’re forced out of your home temporarily.

None of these will make time without power pleasant. But they can help you and family survive the worst of times until power is restored and you’re back in your home.

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